Convotherm 4 easyTouch 10.10


10 SHELF / 10 PANS

The easyTouch complete package gives you a full range of impressive and practical features including a high-resolution 9″ full-touch screen and customization options for your every need. The operating concept is incredibly easy,


ACS+ (Advanced Closed System+) operating modes:
Steam, Combi-steam, Convection

ACS+ Extra Functions:

Crisp&Tasty (5 levels of dehumidification)

BakePro (5 levels for the traditional baking function)

HumidityPro (5 levels of humidification)

Fan speeds (5 levels)

EasyTouch full 9″ touchscreen

ConvoClean+ – fully automatic cleaning system with economy, regular and express modes (with multiple and single-measure dispensing)

Ethernet / LAN interface

HygienicCare Concept

USB port integrated in the control panel

TriColor indicator ring – indicates the current operating status


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